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RVA Developer Opens Latest Community

RVA developer Larry Shaia, Charter Realty and Development Co., has opened the first of five buildings at Cambridge Square Apartments. This project is a 207-unit complex at 7125 Brandy Run Drive, near the Brandy Hill Plaza shopping center (Mechanicsville Turnpike and Lee Davis Road). According to Richmond Bizsense, Shaia completing 200-unit apartment project in Mechanicsville, the $36 million project is more than a year in the making. Shaia purchased the land in November 2017 for $1.26 million and construction began in mid-2018.

Zannino Engineering (ZEI) provided a host of engineering and geotechnical services for the RVA developer and construction project.

RVA DeveloperThe geotechnical work performed by Zannino Engineering included: compaction testing for the site grading and monitored the construction of several large MSE retaining walls. ZEI also designed a concrete retaining wall that was a VE request from the contractor for a cost savings to the owner.

The structural testing on the buildings provided by ZEI was for concrete footings and slabs and shear wall inspections for the wood framed walls, checking for nail patterns and hold-downs.

Zannino Engineering also performed VDOT testing on the soil, stone base and asphalt for the service roads that were taken into the State system. At the end of the job ZEI certified the construction of the storm water management system installed with regard to the base and backfill materials. Each building and each retaining wall had a separate permit number and required separate testing packages during the course of the project.

Whether you are an RVA developer – architect or contractor – your projects deserve prompt and thorough evaluation. Every aspect of your project, from initiation of services to completion of each project. Zannino Engineering delivers on this point. Zannino Engineering completes projects in a timely manner while upholding quality performance.

For more information on the complete list of engineering and geotechnical services provided by ZEI, please contact us for your next #RVA development project.


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