Soil Testing

Our AMRL accredited laboratory is located on the first floor of our office building and is capable of providing a wide range of tests to suit our client’s particular needs.  We regularly participate in AMRL proficiency testing of soils, as well as fine and coarse aggregates, to keep our laboratory’s performance at an optimum.  Our laboratory staff has project experience ranging from high-volume commercial and residential testing to performing testing for smaller, personalized projects that fit the needs for our varied client base.

Concrete Testing

Our concrete laboratory is also located downstairs adjacent to our soils laboratory.  Our concrete laboratory was first inspected and accredited by USACE in our first year of business in order that we could work on the Richmond floodwall and other military facilities. During our history we have had many other USACS and CCRL inspections and we are currently accredited by both CCRL and USACE. Our laboratory is capable of performing design mixes for both compressive and flexural strength concrete as well as specialty concrete such as non-shrink concrete. Mixes are certified and verified according to ACI design criteria.

Grout Testing

Laboratory tests are performed on grout prisms that have been cast according to ASTM C 1019 as well as cylinders fabricated per ASTM C 780. Grout mixes can be tested for proper consistency and flow with a flow cone to verify proper mix proportions. Grout mix designs are verified for compliance with ASTM C 476 using the source materials that the contractor intends to use for the project.

Mortar Testing

Mortar samples fabricated in the field according to ASTM C 109 are tested in accordance with ASTM C 39. Our laboratory personnel can perform tests on aggregates and batch proportions to satisfy design criteria for ASTM C 270 mortar mixes. Low mortar strength in the field is often found to be caused by problems with the source materials and finding the best batch proportions that will achieve the desired consistency and strength for the project.

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