Employment Opportunities

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Engineering Technician
Three positions within 30 days


Conduct construction materials testing using tools and equipment on construction sites
Perform various ASTM tests on concrete and soil in the laboratory
Write inspection reports on company forms for each assignment
Communicate with supervisor, client, contractor and design team
Prepare time sheet, billing tickets, expense reports weekly
Keep testing equipment clean and in good working order
Keep work areas and company vehicle clean
Follow all safety rules and regulations of field and laboratory procedures
Read and understand blueprints and project specifications


Concrete Testing equipment, slump cones, thermometers, probe rods, cylinders molds, mortar cubes
Soil Testing equipment, nuclear density meters, sand cones
Auger equipment, hand augers, dynacone penetrometers probes rods, tape measures
Concrete Laboratory equipment, scales, capping compound, compressive break machine, cylinder tanks
Soils Laboratory equipment, Atterberg limits apparatus, sieves and shaker, proctor and CBR molds, hammer


Be 18 and have a high school diploma or GED
Reliable personal vehicle, insurance and valid driver’s license
Acceptable driving record to drive company vehicle
Ability to lift 80 pound testing device
Pass drug and alcohol testing
Understand, read and write the English language
Basic computer skills including the use of excel and word


Receive assignments daily from supervisor or dispatcher
Keep cell phone on and answer all office calls from 7:00 AM to at least 5:30 PM
Let office know when your assignment is done or not on anticipated schedule
Call the office before 5:00 PM if you have not received assignment for the next day
Call engineer if field conditions indicate failing tests, additional work or delays in schedule
Check in with field superintendent upon arrival to each job site to find out details of assignment
Convey results of tests and inspection to foreman or superintendent

Work Styles

Integrity – Requires being honest and ethical
Dependability – Requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable
Attention to detail – Assignments require being careful with details and thorough in completing work tasks
Flexibility – Position requires being open to quick schedule changes and to considerable variety in job assignments
Cooperation – Requires being pleasant with others on the job and in the office and having a cooperative attitude


Send inquires to: mailings@zanninoengr.com